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Beautiful New Conservatory Roof in Cockerham!

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The problem with lot of conservatories that are over 10 years old is that many are cold, damp places. That’s because the Perspex roof does not contain the heat, so in the winter it is often a room that is too cold to use, but in the summer, it absorbs the heat making it too hot to sit comfortably in. Even when it is the right temperature inside, if it is raining, the noise on the roof usually means you can’t have a conversation in it and can’t hear yourself think, hardly a relaxing room! So, what is the answer?

A cost-effective way of solving the problems that come with old conservatories is to have a replacement conservatory roof in Cockerham, Lancaster. It’s a brilliant way to breath new life into an old space. At Four Seasons Roof Systems we can fit a fully insulated, tiled roof. A new conservatory roof can be fitted on top of the frames and to the specifications of your existing roof.

Four Seasons Roof Systems recently fitted a new conservatory roof at a house in Cockerham near Lancaster, transforming an already lovely looking space into a cosy, useable room. The conservatory itself was in good condition but had all of the problems that have previously been mentioned. Our clients simply wanted a quiet space in which to relax and read their books.

The conservatory had originally been fitted off the back of the house and the two exterior walls had been plastered and painted with double doors leading into it from the main house and an oak floor running from the lounge into the conservatory creating a lovely cohesive feel between the rooms.

We started by removing and disposing of the Perspex sheets. Then, using the existing framework we boarded out the roof and then fitted the tiles to the battens. As you can see from the photographs included, we used the existing framework and followed the shape of the roof to do this.

Our clients were really pleased with the results. The new conservatory roof perfectly complemented the house and seamlessly fitted in with the conservatory. Having a replacement conservatory roof in Cockerham, Lancaster meant that their conservatory is now thermally insulated and heat efficient, turning it into a room that can be used all year round.

Considering having a replacement conservatory roof in Cockerham, Lancaster?

If you would like to know more about the benefits of having a replacement conservatory roof in Cockerham, Lancaster or would like more information about how easy they are to install, call Four Seasons Roof Systems today on 07988 681419.

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