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Big Transformation with Minimum Disruption – New Conservatory Roof Fitted in Poulton Le Fylde!

The original polycarbonate roofs that were common place on the majority of conservatories were never particularly good for insulating your home, meaning that inside temperatures could fluctuate from freezing cold to boiling hot, depending on the weather outside, and just like the weather, with no ability to regulate it! On the outside moss and green algae would cover the roof and framework making it look unkempt and dirty.

This is all now a thing of the past. Four Seasons Roof Systems install warm roof conversion systems. This involves fitting a solid light weight tiled roof to the existing framework of the conservatory without affecting any other part of the walls, doors or windows.

Once installed you have a room that you can enjoy spending time in regardless of the time of year and the temperature outside. This type of roof also limits the harsh glare of sunlight coming in through the roof and absorbs the noise from rain on it making it a quieter space. In addition, moss and algae are not as obvious on the outside and the roof is much easier to keep clean, so will only require washing down once or twice a year.
Four Seasons Roof Systems recently transformed another tired and dated looking conservatory into a modern, sleek addition to the home, simply by adding a new roof!

Our clients lived in Poulton Le Fylde. They had an “L” shaped conservatory across the back of the house. We fitted scaffolding around it in order to give us easy access to the roof. We started the process by removing the existing Perspex roof while keep the main structure in place. We were able to use this as the basis to attach the new roofing system onto. Part of this included installing new guttering around the outer edge of the roof.

You can see what the new roof looked like from the photographs included.

If you would like to make greater use of your conservatory, and want it to be a warm, inviting room in the winter as well as a cool, calm space in the summer, have you thought of replacing your conservatory roof. To find out more call Four Seasons Roof Systems on 01253 866 487. We look forward to hearing from you.

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