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New Conservatory Roof in Lytham St Annes

Give your home the Wow Factory with a New Conservatory Roof in Lytham St Annes

Expanding a room and creating more space can sometimes be easier than it sounds. Four Seasons Roof Systems recently fitted a brand-new tiled conservatory roof in Lytham St Annes to an existing conservatory that was off the back of a house in Lytham St Annes.

Our clients decided to have the internal French doors removed that separated the kitchen from the conservatory. Their intention was to create a kitchen diner. Removing the doors was the easy part, however, there was just one problem. As with most old conservatories, it was too hot to be in, in the summer and conversely too cold in the winter, making it an unusable space. In addition, opening up the two rooms made maintaining a consistent temperature in the kitchen a challenge. That’s when a new conservatory roof in Lytham St Annes can be an excellent solution.

A new conservatory roof in Lytham St Annes using the Supa Lite Tiled Roof System is a great option. Unlike the existing polycarbonate roof which allowed any heat in the conservatory to escape during the winter whilst absorbing the suns rays in the summer, Supa Lite tiles ensure a consistent, comfortable temperature is maintained, whatever the season. Simply by changing the roof you can have an inviting living space that has no leaks and extreme temperature fluctuations and that limits the noise caused by rain and wind.

With this project, installing a new conservatory roof in Lytham St Annes involved erecting scaffolding around the conservatory to give us easy access to the roof. We removed and disposed of the existing roof but left part of the frame in place which provided us with the basis to build the new structure. The first part of this was to fix in place the eves beams, corner joints, ridge plates, wall plates and rafters which are all attached together. Plywood was then fitted to the rafters along with a waterproof membrane. Then vertical battens were fixed to the plywood which the Supa Lite tiles were fitted. Once all the external work was completed, we insulated the roof, boarded it and skimmed it with plaster. This is a brief overview of the process involved in having a new tiled conservatory roof in Lytham St Annes. You can see what the new conservatory roof looks like from the photographs included.

Thinking of Upgrading your Conservatory by having a New Tiled Conservatory Roof in Lytham St Annes?

Having a new tiled conservatory roof in Lytham St Annes will create a well-insulated room with a roof that controls the temperature all year round, making it an inhabitable space. It’s also a brilliant way of adding value to your home, making it a good investment.

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