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New GRP fibreglass roof in St Annes

A new roof in St Annes, was recently installed at a house by Four Seasons Roof Systems.

Our clients wanted to have a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) roof. This type of roof is becoming very popular because it is a very strong material but at the same time doesn’t add too much extra weight to a roof.

There are many additional benefits to having a GRP fibreglass roof in St Annes. A fibreglass roof is both strong and durable and can remain in place for many years. There are also no visible joints or seams as the material is in liquid form, which creates a beautiful smooth finish when applied. It is also easy to repair. If you decide to have a GRP Fibreglass roof in St Annes, you can choose from a wide range of colours so you can opt for a colour that compliments your home.

On this particular project installing a new roof in St Annes, the original poly carb roof was removed and disposed of. 6 x 2 timber joists were fitted to create the frame and boarding was then fixed to the joists. There are specific types of boarding which should be used when installing a fibreglass roof. A rough textured surface is needed to allow the resin to get a firm grip and key into the board. Fibreglass bandages were cut and covered the joints between each piece of board. Fibreglass roof trims were then cut and trimmed and fixed to the edge of the roof. The fibreglass roof laminate was then applied to the roof decking. The final part of the process is for the topcoat to be added. A new gutter and down pipe were also fixed in place.

The roof was fully insulated to building control standards. Inside the ceiling was plastered and 4 spotlights were fitted. You can see the stunning results of the outside and inside of the new roof from the photographs included.

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