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New Conservatory Roof in Fleetwood using Metrotile Roof System

Four Seasons Roof Systems recently installed a stunning new conservatory roof in Fleetwood. We removed the existing roof and replaced it with a Metrotile lightweight roof system. It is possible to install a new conservatory roof in Fleetwood using Metrotiles because a Metrotile roof weighs up to one seventh of traditional roofing materials. This means it can be fitted onto the existing UPVC frame of a conservatory without risking the integrity of the structure.

When we install a replacement conservatory roof, we don’t just transform the outside of the conservatory, at Four Seasons Roof Systems we can also completely change the inside too. With this project, having boarded the roof on the inside with insulation, we plastered the ceiling as well as the external brick wall that led into the conservatory and the side walls under the windows. We also fitted skirting boards along each wall. You can see how by doing this we modernised the inside making it more like a seamless extension of the existing house and less like a conservatory.

While fitting the replacement conservatory roof we installed a new electric radiator to the wall which will provide additional heat in the winter making it a more cosy, useable space along with four spotlights fitted into the replacement conservatory roof. You can see what the conservatory looked like both inside and outside before and after the work was carried out from the photographs included.

Thinking of having a replacement conservatory roof?

Are you tired of never being able to sit in your conservatory? Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, a conservatory can often become an expensive waste of space. Rather than replacing your whole conservatory, having a new conservatory roof in Fleetwood could be the answer.

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