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New Conservatory Roof in Fleetwood

Reclaim Your Conservatory with a Stunning Replacement Conservatory Roof in Fleetwood

Replacing your conservatory roof is now easier than ever before. That’s because changes in planning permission and building regulations mean that you can have more options than ever, upgrading your roof for something more substantial.

A new roof not only modernises the external appearance of your conservatory but also improves the insulation and acoustics inside, making it a much more enjoyable space to be in whether it’s the summer or the winter. You can control the temperature in it much more easily too. In the long term, a replacement conservatory roof in Fleetwood will also cut down on your energy bills as it will stop heat from escaping.

Four Season Roof Systems recently installed a replacement conservatory roof in Fleetwood. Our clients saw the benefits of having a solid roof fitted onto their existing conservatory and recognised that it was an effective way of obtaining more useable space without the cost of having to have a new conservatory or an extension.

Our clients were keen to acquire more space for family gatherings. Lightweight tiles are an ideal solution if you want a cosy and comfortable space, transforming your conservatory into an inviting sitting room, dining room, play room or garden room.

You can see from the photographs included that we started the project by erecting scaffolding around the conservatory to provide us with easy access to the roof. We removed the existing Perspex panels and using the frame work in place we added additional wooden batons in order to provide a basis to board the roof and put in layers of insulation. Then we laid the tiles. Inside we fitted plasterboard which was the then plastered over. We included a window on either side of the roof which allowed for more light to enter the conservatory.

Are you weighing up the advantages of having a replacement conservatory roof in Fleetwood?

If you would like some reliable and informed advice about this, please get in touch with us today. Four Seasons Roof Systems have years of experience installing new conservatory roofs. We can talk you through the options and the benefits of them.

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