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Beautiful New GRP Fiberglass Roof in Garstang

Are you considering having a grp fiberglass roof in Garstang?

Four Seasons Roof Systems recently replaced an old Perspex conservatory roof with a brand-new grp fiberglass roofing system.

Our clients lived in Garstang and had a conservatory that was attached to side of their house. An ongoing issue with a lot of conservatories is the extremes of temperature that are experienced during the different seasons. A conservatory can be too hot in the summer to sit in and too cold in the winter. This is because the materials that conservatories were originally made from had no way of regulating the temperature. Replacing an old Perspex roof with a new grp fiberglass roof in Garstang is a great solution!

With this particular job we started by removing panel by panel the existing roof, and using the framework left in place, we attached Kingspan. This is rigid insulation board which is ideal for use in this situation. Alongside this for the new grp fiberglass roof in Garstang we added a layer of Silver Quilt insulation. This is a multi-layer reflective foil which is manufactured to be used as insulation for roofs, walls and floors. It’s made with aluminium for maximum thermal performance. As a result, the reflective properties keep the living space warm in winter and cool in summer! It’s perfect for a roof because it’s also lightweight and flexible. Combining the Silver Quilt insulation with the Kingspan board meant the roof was double insulated.

The grp fiberglass was then added to the roof. What is grp? GRP stands for glass reinforced polyester. The grp fibreglassroofing system involves three stages to install it. First of all, we applied a layer of catalysed resin and then a layer of fibreglass matting was placed on top followed by another layer of catalysed resin to complete this part of the process. Once this was cured a fire-retardant topcoat resin was then applied which is weatherproof and gives the roof a more attractive appearance.

We also fitted new guttering. The new roof fitted flush to the existing tiled roof of the house creating a seamless link. You can see what this looked like once completed from the photographs included.

Once the roof was fully installed and waterproof, we plastered the inside of the conservatory.

If you want to find out more about having the grp fibreglass roofing system call Four Seasons Roof Systems on 01253 866 487.

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