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New GRP Fibreglass Roof in Cleveleys

Four Roof Systems was recently asked to install a brand-new fiberglass roof to an existing conservatory that was at the back of a bungalow in Cleveleys.

As with all the new conservatory roofs that we fit, we used GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) which is another name for fiberglass. This product comprises of fiberglass matt impregnated with polyester resin. This makes it a very durable and strong material while also being lightweight and corrosion resistant which is ideal for using on new roofs. In the last few years it is being used more and more on garage and conservatory roofs as it will usually last for at least 30 years making it a great investment. A GRP roof also means that your conservatory will be better insulated with all the benefits of having an extension but without the costs.

While they are becoming increasingly common, it’s important that you get a GRP roof fitted by a professional. This is because there is a process which must be followed and the roof has to be installed in the right conditions and at the right temperature. While it is a material that can be easily moulded to the structure required it is always best to get someone who is skilled and experienced at handling GRP. If it is not handled correctly the resin and topcoat will not cure which could prove an expensive exercise!

As you can see from the photographs we started by removing the existing polycarbonate roof, sheet by sheet. We replaced this with boarding as well as new gutters and fascias. We then applied the resin and finally a topcoat. You can see the great results from one of the photographs.

Inside the conservatory the roof was plastered and 6 spot lights were fitted by our recommended electrician. At Four Seasons Roof Systems we will not only install the GRP roof but organise for any additional tradespeople such as electricians to do any additional work required taking the stress out of you having to sort it yourself!

For more information about having a GRP roof fitted to your conservatory, ring Four Seasons Roof Systems on 01253 866487 or 07988 681419.

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