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New GRP Fibreglass Roof in Kirkham

Replace the Old with the New, Get a New GRP Fibreglass Roof in Kirkham

Four Seasons Roof Systems recently fitted a replacement roof in Kirkham.

Our clients had a conservatory off the back of the house with a polycarbonate roof. In the past a polycarbonate roof was fitted with all conservatories, however these days there are much better options available.Fibre glass roofs are a good example. They are highly durable, stronger and have no seams so create a beautiful smooth finish that looks great. Our clients decided to have a new grp fibreglass roof in Kirkham. GRP stands for glass reinforced fibreglass.

Interestingly, fibreglass roofing systems that are manufactured in the UK and Europe incorporate corrosion resistant laminates and fire-retardant resins which makes this fibreglass more heat and chemical resistant than most other roofing materials that are available! This means it is very safe to use, giving you peace of mind.

Once installed a fibreglass roof will last for up to 30 years meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing it again any time soon and is unlikely to show any visible deterioration for years to come.

It’s a great investment and will over time save you money as it provides good insulation costing you less on heating bills and is unlikely to show any visible deterioration for years to come.

To explain what was involved we will give a brief overview. To fit the replacement roof in Kirkham, we removed the existing roof and disposed of it. We boarded the roof out attaching the boards to the roofing joists. This also included cutting and fitting it around the existing shape of the conservatory and taking care to leave a gap between the boards and the wall to allow for expansion. Edge trims were also fixed into place.We then applied the resin, focusing on the joints and corners first and then to the rest of the area. A matting is then placed over it and more resin brushed on top until it is completely saturated. The final part of the process is to apply a topcoat.

As well as installing a new grp fibreglass roof in Kirkham we also put up stud work inside to cover the existing white panelling and then plastered over it. We also plastered the ceiling and fitted four spotlights making it look more like an extension rather than a conservatory. You can see the stunning results of the replacement roof in Kirkham from the photographs included – what a transformation both inside and out!

Thinking of having a replacement roof in Kirkham?

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