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Replacement Conservatory Roof in Thornton, Cleveleys

Having a Replacement Conservatory Roof in Thornton, Cleveleys is a great Way to Improve your Home!

Converting your conservatory into a room where you can control the temperature rather than be dictated to by the weather is easy to do, all that’s needed is a new tiled roof. With a replacement conservatory roof in Thornton, Cleveleys you can create a comfortable living space which isn’t too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

Four Seasons Roof Systems recently fitted a replacement conservatory roof in Thornton, Cleveleys. We replaced the polycarbonate roof for a tiled one. It wasn’t a typical shape. As you can see from the photographs it was a P shaped conservatory with a long narrow section and semi-circle at one end. It was nicely adapted to the back of the house.

One of the great features about the tiled roof system that we use is that the tiles can be fitted to any shape of conservatory roof. They can be easily attached to the existing roof structure transforming your conservatory into a cosy living space.

The first part of the process of having a replacement conservatory roof in Thornton, Cleveleys is to build scaffolding around the outside of the conservatory to provide access to the roof. On this project, once this was done, we started carefully removing the polycarbonate pieces as well as some of the framework to leave a basic structure in place. We will always dispose of all the old materials, so you don’t have to worry about it. We then fitted wooden batons, beams and common rafters and then fitted plywood to these to create the outer case.

The next stage of fitting the new conservatory roof in Thornton, Cleveleys, was to insulate it. We did this using 50mm Kingspan. In addition, we lined the roof with YBS Super Quilt. Once this was all in place, we turned our attention to fixing on the lightweight tiles. You can see what the new roof looked like once completed from the photographs attached.

Our clients were really pleased with the results as they now have a light filled room with a roof that is made from the highest quality materials. A new conservatory roof in Thornton, Cleveleys will revitalise the way you use your living space.

Is your Old Conservatory Roof Limiting Your Lifestyle – Have a new Conservatory Roof in Thornton, Cleveleys.

Having a new conservatory roof in Thornton, Cleveleys will ensure that you have a conservatory you can enjoy spending time in all year round. It will increase the thermal performance and regulate the interior temperature.

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